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Rensselaer and Sandubidi, Panama

“The mission of EWB is to support community-driven development programs worldwide through the design and implementation of sustainable engineering projects, while fostering responsible leadership.”


  • 2018 Elections!

    The results of the EWB-RPI 2018 elections are in! Congratulations and good luck to the next round of officers!

    President: Rebecca Nungesser
    Vice President: Ariana Espinal
    Nicaragua Project Lead: Shreya Gupta
    Panama Project Lead: Louis Catalano
    Troy Project Lead: Emmanuel Sylvester
    Treasurer: Tyler McCormack
    Secretary: James Mester
    Professional Liaison: Evan McCutcheon
    Webmaster: Hannah LaTourette
    Fundraising Coordinator: Brittney Emmick
    Membership Coordinator: Christine Ku
    Campus Relations: Luke Chapdelaine

  • EWB-RPI T-Shirts and Sweatshirts!

    Our annual EWB-RPI t-shirt and/or crew neck sweatshirt sale is live! Support our chapter and help us raise funds for our project by purchasing some apparel! The form is below: order by October 31st and email Becca Nungesser at with any questions!

    Order Here!

  • Kingston Fundraiser!

    Join us on October 14th for an evening of food, raffles, and fun at the YMCA in Kingston! Meet members and talk with us about our chapter’s current projects in Panama, Nicaragua, and Troy, as well as our plans for the future!


    When: Saturday, October 14 from 5 PM – 9 PM


    Where: YMCA of Kingston & Ulster County (507 Broadway, Kingston, New York 12401)

  • EWB-RPI runs workshop at Exploring Engineering Day!

    On Saturday, February 18th, EWB-RPI teamed up with RPI’s chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World to educate dozens of kids on the importance of water safety and filtration during RPI’s Exploring Engineering Day. After a presentation and video, the kids got to design and test their own water filters!

    Overview of EED

    Work overview EED

    One student working

    One student working


  • EWB-RPI goes to the UConn Mini-Conference

    On Saturday, February 4th, EWB-RPI attended the EWB Mini-Conference hosted by the University of Connecticut. Since RPI is one of the only chapters to have a recognized EWB-supported local project, former club president Elizabeth Kwon ran a breakout session during the conference to teach other chapters about creating new international and local projects. We also were able to collaborate with other schools about topics related to club membership, community communications, water testing, fundraising, and more!

    We’d like to thank Tom Rebbecchi for running a wonderful conference at UConn!

  • Success from Panama!

    EWB-RPI has returned from Panama and we are happy to say that the trip was a success! The rainwater catchment system and chlorine treatment stations are working and providing the community with clean drinking water for long periods of time. After a few additional supports were added to the system, the project was closed out and we are now looking for a new program.

    Thank you to all the members, mentors, sponsors, and supporters of EWB-RPI who have helped us achieve this great service for the community of Sandubidi!

    Panama group photo

    Closing out the Panama project

    Bacterial tests




    Other system

  • EWB-RPI is going to Panama and Nicaragua

    EWB-RPI is going to Panama and Nicaragua in January 2017! Panama’s trip will be focused on monitoring and Nicaragua’s will be focused on gathering data! Below is a video about our Panama Project!

    If you would like to contribute to EWB-RPI and support our projects, please visit our donation page. Thank you!

  • Election Results!

    This past GBM, EWB-RPI elected a new set of officers for next year! Congratulations to the newly elected officers!

    President: Megan Kennedy

    Senior International Project Lead: Mathew Tice

    Junior International Project Lead: Ariana Espinal

    Vice President: Ariel Walter

    Local Project Lead: Luke Chapdelaine

    Treasurer: Marshall Case

    Secretary: Christine Ku

    Webmaster: James Mester

    Membership Coordinator: Rebecca Nungesser

    Campus Relations Coordinator: Hannah LaTourette

    Fundraising Coordinator: Monika Luchowska

    Professional Liaison: Elizabeth Kwon

  • EWB-RPI Attends NERC

    On the weekend of November 4th, members of EWB-RPI attended the North East Regional Conference at Boston University! Pictures of our members can be seen below.


    ewb_______ ewb__________________


  • EWB-RPI Featured in the Troy Record!

    EWB-RPI was featured in the Troy Record. The article can be found here. For more information about our current projects click on the projects tab above!

  • EWB-RPI Chapter T-Shirts

    Support our chapter by ordering an EWB shirt! Fill out the form below if you are interested!

    T-Shirt Form

    Front: EWB USA RPI logo. | Back: Panama and Nicaragua project location map

  • Dine to Donate at Recovery Room on October 25th

    EWB-RPI is teaming up with the Recovery Room to support our open international projects in Nicaragua and Panama. Come to the Recovery Room located at 235 Hoosick St, Troy NY on October 25th.
    Show your server the coupon below in order to have 15% of your bill support EWB-RPI!!!


  • Grafton Lake Trip

    On Saturday October 24th, Members of EWB-RPI took a trip to Grafton Lake! Pictures from the trip can be seen below!


    graftinb1 grafton2 grafton3 grafton4

  • Alumni Newsletter Summer 2016!

    Below is the Alumni Newsletter from this past summer. Past newsletters can be found here.


  • EWB-RPI Brings in the New Semester

    On August 28th, EWB-RPI hosted an NRB event to introduce new members to our project! The event included an interactive activity that guided prospective members through a mock project. After a successful activities fair, we held a GBM introducing the new members to our current projects. Photos from the NRB bootcamp and our first GMB and project meeting are below!

    ewb_1 ewb_2


    ewb1-1 ewb1-2 ewb1-3 1-4

  • EWB-RPI is adding a new project!!!

    We are happy to announce that the EWB RPI chapter has been approved for a sanitation project in Sasle, Nicaragua! We are looking forward to work with our next community. In addition,we will begin planning our first assessment trip this fall! Big thanks to our members, mentors, donors, and EWB national to make this all possible! We will be updating our progress in our project page!

  • WeR Gold is Here!

    WeR Gold is here! Engineers Without Borders RPI is participating in the WeR Gold Alumni fundraiser.Visit the EWB-RPI project page here.
     With your help we can purchase supplies for our local project. More information about the local project can he found here.

    “Engineers Without Borders is always trying to leave an impact around the world. Club members gain valuable experience and learn the steps required to develop tangible projects. I especially love this project because we are taking a step back from our ‘typical’ project type and working to support the community that all RPI students and alumni have called home.” — Brenna Buckley ’18, Aeronautical Engineering

  • Kingston Fundraiser 2016-Thank You!

    Thank you for such a wonderful evening and thank you to those who donated to our cause. We would like to thank the Kingston YMCA, the Rensselaer Union, Paul Pagnozzi, and those who came as well as our sponsors for their significant contributions. You can find their names on our sponsors page.  The pictures below were taken at the Gala.


    IMG_4877 (1)

  • Kingston Fundraiser

    Engineers without Borders Second Annual Gala Fundraiser!

    Join us for an evening of free food, raffles, and fun while we discuss out current project in Panama and the future plans for our chapter.Donations are encouraged!

    When: April 2nd, 2016 from 5pm-9pm

    Where:YMCA of Kingston & Ulster County Main Gym (507 BROADWAY KINGSTON NY 12401)



  • EWB-RPI goes to the Connecticut State Conference

    On February 27th, EWB-RPI went to the Connecticut State Conference at the University of Connecticut.Tom Rebecchi and Allison Luongo gave a presentation about the difficulties and triumphs our chapter has gone through. We had had the opportunity to share our experiences with other chapters and learned a lot of information about networking, social science and closing out projects.

    We would like to thank to EWB-UConn for hosting the Connecticut State Conference!






  • EWB-RPI featured in The Poly!

    “In 2010, the Rensselaer Engineers Without Borders chapter was formed and applied for its first project: creating a water treatment system for a community in Panama on Isla Popa II. Since then, the club has selected key members each year to travel over Winter Break to the community. The first three trips involved assessing the community’s situation, and concluding the most important needs. After drafting designs, filling out pages of paper work, and conducting chlorine tests, RPI’s EWB was ready to begin implementing their plans to build a rainwater catchment system. In last year’s implementation trip, they were successful in working in tandem with the community to build such a system. The water collected, however, was not treated. The latest Winter Break’s trip was meant for the creation and implementation of a chlorination system tank to be added to the existing structure…”

    Read the rest here.

  • 2016 Implementation Trip

    This past winter break five EWB-RPI members traveled to Panama to finish implementing a water treatment system on Isla Popa II. Upon arrival, we found the previously built rainwater catchment system in disrepair, an unexpected hurdle. With the limited amount of days we had to work, we repaired the system, installed a chlorination treatment system, and educated the community on how to use the new system and about the importance of water treatment. With the coming year, we hope to wrap up this six-year project successfully with one last trip to Isla Popa II.


  • Thank You!

    Thank you for such a wonderful evening and thank you to those who donated to our cause. Your contributions have greatly supported Samdubidi, and will help us with our upcoming implementation. In addition, we would like to thank the Rensselaer Bookstore, as well as our Rensselaer Red and Bronze sponsors for their significant contributions. You can find their names on our sponsors page.

  • The Polytechnic Press Release

    This winter break, eight members of Rensselaer’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders traveled to the remote island community of Isla Popa II on the Gulf coast of Panama to construct a sustainable source of clean drinking water. Without access to a reliable source of drinking water, the community’s 350 inhabitants use water collected from unsanitary rainwater collection systems for their daily needs. This water is contaminated with bacteria and is suspected to be responsible for various health problems within the community. While on the trip, Engineers Without Borders, also known as EWB, built a large-scale rainwater collection system in addition to constructing bio-sand filters to purify the collected water. This increased the community’s rainwater collection capacity and provided a treatment method to purify the water.

    Read the full article here.

  • Join us for Dinner!

    We are excited to be hosting a Gala to share the story of our successful implementation trip this past January. Save the date!

    March 7th, 2015 6pm-9pm
    YMCA of Kingston & Ulster County

    Please visit Paul’s Blog to hear his accounts of the trip.

  • Making a Difference in a Global Community

  • WeR Here!

    WeR Gold is here! Engineers Without Borders RPI is participating in the WeR Gold Alumni fundraiser.

    “The RPI Chapter of Engineers Without Borders is working diligently as we collaborate with the community of Sandubidi, Panama to engineer a sustainable solution to improve their water supply and quality. Our project will allow their community to meet their basic human needs of access to clean water and give them more opportunities to develop and prosper.” — Jesse Freitas ’16

    With your contributions, we can begin traveling to Panama to begin implementation.