Nicaragua Project

Nicaragua Project


The community of Sasle, Nicaragua lacks a cost-effective, hygienic solution to treat and dispose of human waste. The community consists of 1,100 people and 196 households. According to a 2012 survey, 62% of these households lack access to a latrine. As a result, most families practice open defecation on their properties, which can result in environmental and water contamination. In addition, the expose human waste can be consumed by livestock animals, like pigs, that can in turn contamination their meat. All of this seriously puts the health of the community in jeopardy. Previously, Sasle has worked closely with a local NGO, Bridges to Communities, to help provide latrine and bio-digester systems, but Bridges has struggled to find a cost-effective solution that best suits the rocky, mountainous geophysical environment, which makes it difficult to dig trenches deep enough for standard pit latrines.

Our chapter has starting working with Sasle and Bridges representatives in June 2016 to survey, design, and construct a bio-gas system to help provide Sasle with a better solution. Our chapter is hoping to travel for our first assessment trip in January 2017.

Sasle is located in a mountainous region of Nicaragua. Their main source of economy comes from farming, livestock, and small family businesses. Households are simple and constructed out of local materials like wood, palm leaves, recycled materials (black plastic, sheet metal), and dirt floors. Within Sasle, there is an elementary school which holds daily classes for children and weekend night classes for high school students. There is one catholic church and one evangelical church and no health post. Approximately 58% of the households have access to water and 41% to electricity. In addition to a lack of sanitary latrines, Sasle struggles with insufficient access to clean water, inefficient use of wood burning cooking stoves, deforestation, and poor housing infrastructure.


Some photos of the community are below:

Sasle, Jinotega