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EWB-RPI runs workshop at Exploring Engineering Day!

On Saturday, February 18th, EWB-RPI teamed up with RPI’s chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World to educate dozens of kids on the importance of water safety and filtration during RPI’s Exploring Engineering Day. After a presentation and video, the kids got to design and test their own water filters!

Overview of EED

Work overview EED

One student working

One student working


EWB-RPI goes to the UConn Mini-Conference

On Saturday, February 4th, EWB-RPI attended the EWB Mini-Conference hosted by the University of Connecticut. Since RPI is one of the only chapters to have a recognized EWB-supported local project, former club president Elizabeth Kwon ran a breakout session during the conference to teach other chapters about creating new international and local projects. We also were able to collaborate with other schools about topics related to club membership, community communications, water testing, fundraising, and more!

We’d like to thank Tom Rebbecchi for running a wonderful conference at UConn!

EWB-RPI is going to Panama and Nicaragua

EWB-RPI is going to Panama and Nicaragua in January 2017! Panama’s trip will be focused on monitoring and Nicaragua’s will be focused on gathering data! Below is a video about our Panama Project!

If you would like to contribute to EWB-RPI and support our projects, please visit our donation page. Thank you!

Election Results!

This past GBM, EWB-RPI elected a new set of officers for next year! Congratulations to the newly elected officers!

President: Megan Kennedy

Senior International Project Lead: Mathew Tice

Junior International Project Lead: Ariana Espinal

Vice President: Ariel Walter

Local Project Lead: Luke Chapdelaine

Treasurer: Marshall Case

Secretary: Christine Ku

Webmaster: James Mester

Membership Coordinator: Rebecca Nungesser

Campus Relations Coordinator: Hannah LaTourette

Fundraising Coordinator: Monika Luchowska

Professional Liaison: Elizabeth Kwon


On the weekend of November 4th, members of EWB-RPI attended the North East Regional Conference at Boston University! Pictures of our members can be seen below.


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Dine to Donate at Recovery Room on October 25th

EWB-RPI is teaming up with the Recovery Room to support our open international projects in Nicaragua and Panama. Come to the Recovery Room located at 235 Hoosick St, Troy NY on October 25th.
Show your server the coupon below in order to have 15% of your bill support EWB-RPI!!!


Grafton Lake Trip

On Saturday October 24th, Members of EWB-RPI took a trip to Grafton Lake! Pictures from the trip can be seen below!


graftinb1 grafton2 grafton3 grafton4